Committee to hear testimony this week

Take Action on Paid Sick Days

We are at a crucial moment in our campaign to pass legislation guaranteeing paid sick days for all working Vermonters.  Legislators need to hear that you support paid sick days this week.

With 106,000 hard-working Vermonters lacking paid sick days, it is crucial that H.382, the paid sick days bill, gets passed. We all get sick and we all care for our loved ones who are sick.  All Vermonters should be able to take time off from work to recover from illness and prevent co-workers from getting sick.  They should not have to worry that doing so will mean they cannot pay their bills or put food on the table.

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We need your help, please take action now! Some in the business community are putting pressure on members of the General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee to drop the paid sick days bill. Here is what you can do to help:

1. Contact your Representatives

If you live in the district of any committee member of the House General, Housing and Military Affairs Committee, contact your Representative. Let them know that Vermonters can’t afford to wait any longer for this legislation.  Ask them to support working Vermonters and pass H.382.

Rep. Helen Head (S. Burlington), (802) 862-2267,

Rep. Joseph Baker (West Rutland), (802) 438-9819,

Rep. John Moran (Wardsboro), (802) 896-9408,

Rep. Oliver K. Olsen (Jamaica), (802) 444-9004,

Rep. Kesha K. Ram (Burlington), (802) 881-4433,

Rep. Brian K. Savage (Swanton), (802) 868-3566,

Rep. Robert South (St.Johnsbury), (802) 748-0873,

Rep. Tom Stevens (Waterbury), (802) 244-4164,

If you are not a constituent of any of the committee members, contact the Speaker of the House:

Rep. Shap Smith (Morrisville), (802) 828-2245,

2. Pack the State House – Come to the next hearing on H.382

After two hearings on H. 382 over the past few weeks in the House General Committee, a third hearing is scheduled for Wed. Feb. 24th from 2:30-4:30 in Room 10 at the State House in Montpelier. The opposition is lining up. We need your help to fill the hearing room Wednesday.

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