PARENTS AND YOUTH FOR CHANGE (PYC) works to ensure that Burlington and Winooski schools and communities provide all young people, regardless of income, neighborhood, or background, with the education needed to support a life with dignity, hope and meaning. We are an inter-generational organizing group of everyday people – often those who have not historically been heard or had influence. We are a partner in the student-centered learning re-design in Burlington and Winooski schools.   PYC provides the structure and support for the untapped wisdom, leadership and capacity in our community.  

Together, PYC families who are most impacted by the challenges in our current education system ORGANIZE and drive CHANGES that add up to more successful outcomes for our youth.


Watch our video to learn more about our most recent effort!  THANK YOU for taking action – your voice matters.

PARENTS AND YOUTH FOR CHANGE (PYC) is a program of Voices for Vermont’s Children and a partner with Vermont Interfaith Action in Winooski and Burlington. We are part of the Winooski-Burlington Partnership for Change working to reshape our schools and strengthen our communities by better preparing all students for their future.

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Learn more about our organizing from PYC Organizer Meg Cline and PYC Leader Madhu Neupane on CCTV Live at 5:25

Watch our video!

Join our Burlington PYC Group:  Our group usually meets twice a month on Monday evenings. 
Contact Meg at or 802-310-1059 or Infinite at or 802-310-6161.

In 2015-2016, Our Burlington group focused on how problems at school get solved, behavioral expectations and effective discipline that supports learning.  We organized a Public Action Meeting to Create Safe, Supportive and Inclusive Schools. We shared what we’ve learned about behavioral expectations and school discipline and received commitments to working toward solutions from the Burlington School District leadership.  We want to make sure children are prepared for life – and not held back back unresolved problems at school that keep them from succeeding. This work is helping to put “Students at the Center” and ensure that learning that is personalized, flexible, skill-based, and student-owned.  We want to solve problems at school before they become problems in life.

Read our research report – shared at our March 28, 2016 public action PYC Research Report on Safe, Supportive & Inclusive Schools

Our prior organizing and public actions have resulted in the launch of an advisory program at Burlington High School in 2015-2016 and a family-friendly visual report card for multi-lingual families.  Burlington’s high school advisory supports students to make the most of their high school education — to access opportunities, map their path through and beyond high school, and to build strong relationships with a teacher and a group of classmates who knows them well.   Click here to view more from our Public Action on Advisory.

Join our Winooski PYC Group Get Winooski Kids to School. Safe. On Time. Ready to Learn.  Our group is meeting monthly, usually on Friday evening.
Contact Infinite at or 802-310-6161.

For some students in Winooski, the climb to school can be a bit too steep. Although Winooski is just over one square mile, transportation to and from school can be daunting for many families. There are no regular school buses, and the public bus service can be costly and the schedule does not always work for families to get their children to school.  Many families have only one or no car. Even for families with cars, when work schedules don’t match the school schedule, driving children to school is a challenge. Having younger students walk a mile in deep winter snow also creates problems with timely arrivals and being ready to learn when they do arrive wet, cold, and tired.

At our successful public action on June 3, 2015 leaders from the city, school, and community committed to forming an action team to find solutions.  And one immediate result is that you can now buy a bus pass in Winooski at City Hall. 

To read more about our past workclick here

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Connect to Parents and Youth for Change

Are you a parent who hasn’t felt very connected to the schools — or even to many other parents with kids your age?  Are you a youth who wants to find ways to get more out of your education? A teacher or administrator who wants to work more closely and effectively with parents and youth?  Our groups are focusing on making sure that students have the skills, support and a good plan to reach their college and career goals.  Join one of our PYC groups in Burlington and Winooski.

Parent Leader Aline Niyonzima takes roll call at the November 12, 2012 Student Placement Action in Burlington.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Meg Cline at 802-310-1059/, Infinite Culcleasure at 802-310-6161/  Parents and Youth for Change (PYC) was launched in Winooski and Burlington by Voices for Vermont’s Children and Vermont Interfaith Action following a 2011-2012 planning year in which we engaged parents, youth and other community members.  This work is funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation. Additional information can be found below, each link is a downloadable pdf:

Important Facts
School meals

In the 2013-2014 school year, 40.7% of students received meals categorized as free or reduced-price. Click on the graph for additional [more]

Poverty undermines children’s healthy development and has lasting effects on children’s physical and social-emotional health. Children growing up [more]

Early Prenatal Care

Between 2000 and 2010, the rate of pregnant women in Vermont receiving early prenatal care ranged between 80 and 85 percent. This was short [more]


While the total population of Vermont has grown to an estimated 626,630, our child population has fallen since the 2000 Census count [more]

70% of Vermont’s housing stock was built prior to the 1978 ban on lead paint.  Lead paint and dust from lead [more]

Teen Births

Teen mothers often have fewer resources than older parents to provide for a healthy baby and for themselves.  Babies born [more]

7.5% of Vermont’s children received Reach Up (TANF) benefits in 2011; a 27% increase from 2007. [more]

98% of Vermont’s children have health insurance. [more]

Babies with low birthweight – under 5.5 pounds – are at risk for respiratory conditions, cognitive and developmental delays, and other long-term health [more]