Many Parents for Change Leaders Engage in Graduate Expectations Conversation

Many Parents for Change Leaders Engage in Graduate Expectations Conversation

February 2, 2013 – Record numbers of Parents for Change leaders from throughout Winooski and Burlington participated in the Partnership for Change Graduate Expectations conversation on February 2nd!  Many of the parents and family members we have reached out to over the course of the year came out to share their priorities about “What Graduates Need to Succeed.”  Over 300 people attended — including teachers, students, parents, community members as well as elected officials, business and non-profit leaders.  Parent for Change leaders reached out to their neighbors, friends and community members to bring them into this discussion to reshape Winooski and Burlington High Schools so that all students develop the skills they need for college, a good job, and to build a stronger community.

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Burlington New American Leaders Meeting

Parent leaders from the Burundian, Bhutanese Nepali and Somali communities will meet on Monday, February 4th.  They will discuss progress on the four Student Placement goals, review their experiences participating in the February 2nd Partnership for Change Graduate Expectations conversation and make plans to update their communities and involve more families in the work with Burlington School leaders.

Winooski Bhutanese Nepali Family Meeting
January 19, 2013

winooski bhutanese nepaliWinooski Bhutanese Nepali Families met and picked “student promotion” as the issue they want to research and help change.   Leaders from this community will work with leaders from the Burundian and Somali communities.  About 20 community members attended this meeting.

They picked student promotion after a discussion about the top issues:

  • Student Promotion (how to ensure that students have the necessary grade level skills to be promoted)
  • Career-Readiness (opportunities connected to exploring careers)
  • School Transportation

Thank you to Community Organizer Garang Deng and Community Leaders Raghu Acharye, Ghana Rimal and Puspa Luitel for bringing the families together.  And a big thank you to Puspa Luitel for interpreting!

Following our meeting, Bhutanese Nepali community members met with the Partnership for Change for a learning conversation about what is most important for kids to learn before they graduate from high school.  This conversation will continue across Winooski and Burlington parents, teachers, students and community members on February 2nd.

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