***National hearing on dental access being held today at 10am***

Please join in on the dental access hearing being held in DC by VT Senator Sanders today from 10am-12pm via live stream Senator Sanders is dedicated to bringing attention to the lack of access to dental care in the U.S for millions of Americans. The hearing today in Washington will examine what he calls a dental crisis.

In Vermont, tens of thousands of Vermonters, including children, adults, and seniors, do not have access to preventive or routine dental care. Vermont kids covered by Dr. Dynasaur often have a hard time accessing care.  In fact, 43% of kids covered by the program did not receive any dental care in 2009.  For adults, it is no better.  More than 62,000  adult Vermonters between the ages of 18 and 64 – both insured and uninsured – reported not getting dental care because they could not afford it.  Nearly ten thousand Vermont seniors age 65 and above went without any dental care in 2009, also saying they could not afford it.

Lack of access to good, affordable oral health care is a long-neglected systemic issue both nationally and in Vermont, and we thank Senator Sanders for his dedication to improving the oral health of Americans.

We hope you tune in to this important discussion on the dental crisis we are facing.

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