About Us

The Vermont Oral Health Care for All Coalition’s mission is to build a statewide consumer voice for oral health care and raise public awareness of the need for greater access to affordable dental care. It is made up of organizations including consumer groups, children’s advocates, health providers, organized labor, senior advocates, health clinics and other organizations who work with Vermonters suffering from the lack of access to affordable dental care.

Oral health is central to overall health, yet tens of thousands of Vermonters do not have access to preventive or routine dental care. While the state has made great strides in extending affordable health care to low and middle-income Vermonters, lack of access to affordable oral health care for all our citizens is a long-neglected systemic issue.

The Coalition is working to address this systemic problem through giving Vermonters a voice in the care they receive, building awareness about the importance of oral health to overall health, and exploring innovative solutions to provide greater access to all Vermonters for the dental care they need.


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