Brattleboro Reformer: Our Opinion: Ensuring America’s Success

“If we invest in childhood development through the early years then those children grow up to be productive members of our society, making our nation stronger and ensuring a brighter future for all of us…

— Support parents so they can effectively care and provide for their children. States and the federal government should make it easier for parents to navigate the array of programs that can help families by aligning and streamlining services. This is necessary because poverty presents challenges for families and their young children and access to income supports and opportunities for parents to gain education and skills are critical.

— Increase access to high-quality birth through age eight programs, beginning with investments that target low-income children. States should adopt Early Learning and Development Standards that set clear expectations for child development; provide voluntary, high-quality pre-Kindergarten programs; and ensure access to affordable and comprehensive health care with timely screenings that can catch disabilities or developmental delays in young children.

— Develop comprehensive, integrated programs and data systems to address all aspects of a child’s development and support their transition to elementary school and related programs for school-age children.”

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