S.O.S. (Save Our State) Rally


Rally to Save Our State

STOP the budget cuts and support our vital state services and structures

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Statehouse, Montpelier

URGENT! turnout is critical

Spread the word!

Print the S.O.S. Rally poster and hang it wherever you can

BRING: signs, cell phones, people

Questions? more information here

Rally Program:

CARDS AND CALLS. In addition to postcards to sign, there will be cell phones at the event to call Representatives and Senators. People will be staffing tables and helping folks with the telephone calling.

MESSAGING. Talking points will be distributed.

ORGANIZING. Volunteers will be circulating with clipboards and pens to get the names and contact information of participants.

SIGN MAKING. Bring signs if you have them or make them on site – Kids Are Priority One will be bringing sign-making materials.

Our Message:

• STOP the budget cuts to vital programs like VPHARM, Early Education Grants & Assistance to Needy Families

• Look at all budget options, including new revenue

• It’s time for the state to step in, not step back

• Protect children, the poor, the disabled & the elderly

• Preserve state services & jobs, public schools & affordable health care programs

• Lower premiums for VHAP, Catamount Health and Dr. Dynasaur to help the uninsured

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