Staff and Board


Michelle Fay, Executive Director

Amy Brady, Development Director and Policy Associate

Heather Buckner, Administrative Assistant

Infinite Culcleasure, Project Manager and Lead Organizer – Parents and Youth for Change

Molly Goldberg, Research Associate

Carlen Finn, Senior Policy Associate

Sarah Teel, Research Director

Jade Walker, Policy Associate


Samantha Stevens, President – Winooski

Kim Stevens, Vice-President – Londonderry

Mary Claire Carroll, Treasurer – Richmond

Jane Pincus, Secretary – Roxbury

Jay Diaz, Esq. – Williston

Robert Sheil, Esq. – Montpelier

David Tucker – Sutton


Important Facts
School meals

In the 2013-2014 school year, 40.7% of students received meals categorized as free or reduced-price. Click on the graph for additional [more]

Poverty undermines [more]

Early Prenatal Care

Between 2000 and 2010, the rate of pregnant women in Vermont receiving early prenatal care ranged between 80 and 85 percent. This was short [more]


While the total population of Vermont has grown to an estimated 626,630, our child population has fallen since the 2000 Census count [more]

70% of Vermont’s housing stock was built prior to the 1978 ban on lead paint.  Lead paint and dust from lead [more]

Teen Births

Teen mothers often have fewer resources than older parents to provide for a healthy baby and for themselves.  Babies born [more]

7.5% of Vermont’s children received Reach Up (TANF) benefits in 2011; a 27% increase from 2007. [more]

98% of Vermont’s children have health insurance. [more]

Babies with low birthweight – under 5.5 pounds – are at risk for respiratory conditions, cognitive and developmental delays, and other long-term health [more]