Voices for Vermont’s Children and Public Assets are working together on the
Vermont Education Equity Project to help build public understanding of Vermont’s
education funding system and the challenges facing our public schools and
communities. They are building a network of public education advocates, whose
policy thinking and advocacy is grounded in the realities of public school and
community experiences with the goal of ensuring our all kids have a decent shot at
educational success.


The goals for this three-year project are to:
(1) increase general public awareness about the connection between systemic social
inequities like poverty and racism and the challenges facing Vermont schools and
students; and


(2) build a statewide network of people and organizations who understand and
support Vermont’s equitable public education funding system, will work to
recognize and address the impacts of systemic inequities on Vermont schools and
students, and will help develop and support policy agendas that ensure that public
education works for all children.