Vermont Child Economic Well-Being

Short on cash, out of gas, car needs repairs, kids are sick, boss takes no  excuses, more month than money and too many mouths to feed, not enough to get by, pay the bills you can and hope the rent doesn’t go up again. A lot of wishes, few dreams, and too much hopelessness. Too many of our children grow up in this kind of situation.

Fifteen years ago, Voices for Vermont’s Children issued its first report on child poverty. Now, in a new century, as a weak economy, state budget crises, federal budget cuts and a growing deficit threaten programs for children and families —children and youth are even more at risk of poverty.

Children are the poorest age group in Vermont

A greater percentage of the child population lives below the poverty line compared to other Vermont age groups. In fact, the younger the person, the more likely he or she is to be living in poverty. 10% of adults aged 18-64 lived in poverty; 8% of adults 65 and older were poor; but over 12% of children under age 18 and nearly 16% of children under age five lived in poverty.

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