Vermont Paid Sick Days Victory

After over a decade of organizing and advocacy, Voices for Vermont’s Children, with the VT Paid Sick Days Coalition and its partners, won the fight to get paid sick days legislation passed in Vermont.  On Wednesday, February 17, the House completed the final step in the legislative process by voting to agree with the Senate’s amendment to the bill. The vote was a solid 81-64.

As we continue to celebrate that Vermont will be the fifth state to pass paid sick days, we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the incredible work done by the coalition for many years on this issue. It took a great deal of organizing, the voices of families, workers, and supportive businesses, and the commitment and courage of policymakers to pass this important legislation. Our coalition was indefatigable throughout the many legislative fights over the years and we should all be proud to be a part of it.  Click here to see our full coalition list.

A special shout out to our key partners (and coalition members) in this work,  Vermont Workers’ Center, Main Street Alliance, VT, Rights and Democracy and the Necrason Group.

Everyone gets sick but not everyone has time to get better. In Vermont, an estimated 60,000 private-sector workers do not have the ability to earn a single day of paid sick time. Access to paid sick time matters to children and families. For parents and caregivers without paid sick time, staying home or taking their child to a health care provider is often not possible. Many families are struggling to make ends meet while juggling work and family. Working families need a basic workplace standard of paid sick time so they do not have to choose between financial stability and their families health.

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