We Do the Research

We make sure policymakers and the public have the facts. We track data on how kids and families are doing, provide practical analysis of issues and policies that affect children and families, and show what needs to be done to support their healthy development.

We Work with Others

We don’t do it alone. We work in coalitions, we organize outreach to communities, and we listen and learn from people who are concerned about the well-being of children.

We Advocate at the Statehouse

We always ask the question, is it good for kids? It’s our job to ensure that the needs of children are raised in every policy debate affecting kids and their families.

We Reach out to Vermonters

We communicate about issues, encourage public debate, and promote action by community members across the state on behalf of children and youth.

We Mobilize Vermonters

Vermonters to influence key policy debates affecting children and families— by contacting their legislators, writing letters to the editor, or sharing research and data in community meetings.