Medicaid Advisory Board

Comprised of providers, consumers, and advocates, and advises the Agency of Human Services and related Legislative Committees on Vermont’s public health care programs.


Vermont Child Poverty Council

Established by the Vermont legislature in 2007, the Vermont Child
Poverty Council  is charged with developing a ten-year plan to cut the number of children living in poverty by at least 50 percent.


Vermont Center for Afterschool Excellence

A public-private statewide partnership initiative dedicated to supporting and sustaining innovative learning opportunities that extend beyond the school day for all Vermont’s children and youth.


Vermont Pre-K - 16 Council

Made up of educational, business, and legislative representatives, that will formulate a plan to ensure that our high school graduates are college- and career- ready and to raise the level of post-secondary education attainment for all Vermont citizens.



Vermont Early Child Alliance

A statewide early childhood coalition of individuals, organizations, businesses, and strategic partners working together on common policy priorities in the areas of health, safety, food, economic security, and early care and education, leading to positive outcomes for Vermont’s young children from birth to age eight.  The Alliance shares information on early childhood issues, conducts advocacy trainings with stakeholders and creates opportunities for meaningful engagement with policymakers to advance Vermont towards a vision of thriving communities and economies.



Vermont Paid Sick Days Coalition

A collection of businesses and organizations working to ensure that all working Vermonters are guaranteed paid sick days.


Vermont Oral Health Care for All Coalition

A statewide effort of organizations representing the diverse needs of citizens throughout the state, working to bring great access for affordable oral health care.


National and State Partners

KIDS COUNT/The Annie E. Casey Foundation

The Annie E. Casey Foundation is a private charitable organization, dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. KIDS COUNT is a national and state-by-state project of the Annie E. Casey Foundation to track the status of children in the United States.



Public Assets Institute

An organization that supports democracy by helping Vermonters understand and keep informed about what their government is doing, especially how it is raising and spending money and using other public assets.


Nellie Mae Education Foundation

New England’s largest public charity is dedicated solely to preparing all the region’s learners for success.




CHAMPS is a national campaign to ensure bright futures for kids in foster care by promoting the highest quality parenting.

CHAMPS builds on research that shows that loving, supportive families – whether birth, kin, foster or adoptive – are critical to the healthy development of all children.

CHAMPS calls on policy makers to prioritize foster parenting and strengthen policies and programs. CHAMPS offers a policy playbook and related tools to assist policy makers and child welfare leaders in making improvements.