S.20 has been officially signed into law.

Governor Shumlin has officially signed S.20 into law, establishing dental therapists in Vermont!

Vermont Digger article: Gov. Shumlin Celebrates Law to Expand Dental Services to More Vermonters

“The new law creates a licensing level of dental care providers that is mid-way between a hygienist and a dentist, and sets high standards for education, testing and supervision. Dental therapists will be able to perform more procedures than a hygienist, such as fillings, simple tooth extractions, temporary crowns, and more procedures aimed at treating children.

‘Our coalition has been working for six years to raise awareness about the connection between dental health and overall health, and the lack of equitable access to care. Children, older adults, people with disabilities and those with low incomes find it particularly hard to access dental care,’ said Michelle Fay, Associate Director of Voices for Vermont’s Children. ‘It’s gratifying to know that dental therapists will help bridge this gap in Vermont.'”

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