H.382 "An act relating to absence from work for health care

H.382 was introduced in 2009 and was referred to the Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs. The bill is sponsored by Rep. Sarah Edwards (P-Brattleboro) , Rep. Paul Poirier  (I-Barre), and Rep. Michael Fisher (D-Lincoln). If H.382 became law:

  • Employees would earn one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked, up to a maximum of 56 hours each year.
  • Employees could use their paid sick time to: recover from or receive treatment for illness or injury; care for a family member; obtain diagnostic, routine, preventive or therapeutic health care; take necessary steps for their safety as a result of sexual abuse, domestic violence or stalking.
  • At their discretion, employers would be able to “loan” an employee paid sick time if the employee got sick before accruing time.
  • Employees would not be able to “cash out” any unused hours if they left their job.
  • All employers already offering equal or more generous paid sick time would be unaffected.