Going the Distance for Kids

The Challenge: Hike, raise money, and have fun!

When: Fall 2016.

This fall, we are excited once again put on the fundraiser Going the Distance for Kids! We are encouraging Vermonters to get out, hike, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of autumn in Vermont. You can hike any trail in Vermont to participate. Your support is critical, as our children need advocacy inside and outside of the Statehouse. If you are unable to participate, please pledge your support to one of our participants or donate to Voices here.

Please contact us if you need advice about where to hike! We will help you find the perfect trail. There are many handicap accessible hiking trails in Vermont.



How to Go the Distance for Kids:

1) Choose your hike

Your hike can be of any length or difficulty level. Email us at amyb@voicesforvtkids.org or call (802) 229-6377 to keep us updated on your plan to Go the Distance for Kids.

If you would like to participate in a group hike with staff from Voices for Vermont’s Children, we will be hosting a group hike on a Saturday in October. Please let us know if you would like to participate in this hike!

2) Set your goals

You should set a monetary goal (how much money you want to raise for Voices) and set in stone your hiking goal. You can put these goals together in a statement. For Example:

“I, Sophia, am going to hike <insert hiking trail> and raise $200 for Voices for Vermont’s Children.”

3) Document your participation

Voices is using Razoo, an online fundraising website, to keep track of Go the Distance for Kids’ participants and fundraising progress. You can use this website to create a page with information about you and your goal. Go to http://www.razoo.com and click the “Start a Fundraiser” button. Select “charitable fundraiser”. Be sure to put Voices for Vermont’s Children as the organization you are fundraising for and name your fundraiser (Your name): Going the Distance for Kids 2016.

4) Invite your friends and family to sponsor you

Razoo makes it easy to share your page with others so they can see what you are doing.

If you would like, you can use our sample email to encourage your friends and family to support you.

There is a $35 minimum donation required to get a Going the Distance for Kids T-shirt. You can either pay this money yourself or fundraise this money through Razoo.

5) Start going the distance for kids

Plan the day and strategy for completing your hike. Good luck and thank you for Going the Distance for Kids.

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