Dental Therapy Webinar Series

February 21st

7-8:00pm EST

An Overview of Dental Therapy

This introduction will provide a brief history of the authorization of dental therapists in Vermont and across the US. Topics will include evidence supporting the economic viability of the provider while expanding access to underserved communities, opportunities in different practice settings, early outcome data from the Minnesota and University of Washington (Chi) study, Q&A


  • Michelle Fay, MPA; Executive Director, Voices for Vermont’s Children

  • Laura Hale, State Advocacy Manager, Dental Access Project, Community Catalyst

  • Cheyanne Warren, DDS; Dental Therapy Program Director @ VT Tech

March 21st

7-8:00pm EST

Educating Dental Therapists in Vermont

Join this webinar to learn about VT Tech’s progress in launching the first dental therapy education program in the eastern US. Topics will include program design, capacity, & requirements, an update on the application for CODA accreditation of the program, and anticipated enrollment timeline.


  • Cheyanne Warren, DDS; Dental Therapy Program Director @ VT Tech

  • Ellen Grimes, RDH, MA, MPA, EdD; Dental Hygiene

April 18th


CANCELLED: Dental Therapists in Team Based Care (private practice focus)

We apologize, but due to scheduling conflicts this webinar has been cancelled. The content will be combined with next month’s webinar.

May 16th

7-8:00pm EST

Dental Therapists in Team Based Care (private practice and public health settings)

During this webinar participants will hear from dentists/practice managers who have successfully integrated DTs into their practice. Topics will include practice management changes needed to maximize team production, impact on ability to treat publicly-insured patients, and how DTs can be deployed to community settings using tele-health technology and collaborative agreements.

June 20th

7-8:00pm EST

Ask a Dental Therapist Anything

July 18th

7-8:00pm EST

Preceptorships & Collaborative Management Agreements

Licensed dental therapists may enter into collaborative management agreements (CMA) with a supervising dentist that will allow them to practice under general supervision once they have completed 1000 hours of clinical practice under direct supervision. We’ll speak with a practice manager and dentist about how to successfully use DTs in community settings or extended clinic hours to expand access to care, and how to draft a solid CMA.

August 15th

7-8:00pm EST


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