In November 2010, the Vermont Oral Health Care for All Coalition announced that it had formed to help expand access to badly needed dental care for Vermonters across the state. Voices for Vermont’s Children and the Vermont Campaign for Health Care Security are leading the effort to build a consumer voice and raise public awareness of the need for better access to affordable oral health care. To date 40 organizations have joined in building a coalition that is dedicated to getting Vermonters the oral health care they deserve.

The Coalition is part of a larger movement nationwide to expand access to dental care. The W.K. Kellogg Foundation is supporting efforts in five states – Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio,Vermont and Washington – to pursue an innovative dental provider model that can expand access to dental care by adding an additional provider to the team.  Community Catalyst, a national health advocacy organization, is helping to lead the effort.

The Coalition has come together in recognition that more can be done in this state to improve the overall health of Vermonters.  We are dedicated to working towards a comprehensive solution that recognizes the importance of oral health to overall health.